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Being in recovery mode is not for the faint of heart. It requires mental and physical work and commitment to get better and return to your pre-injury status/life. Pittsburgh Performance Physical Therapy is here to help! We are a unique outpatient physical therapy clinic which provides one on one treatment with each patient allowing for extraordinary care and quicker recovery for patients. We want to give patients knowledge about their bodies and insight into how their daily activity affects their body, details about the recovery process, and answers to any other question they may have. When it comes to addressing pain and injury, 3 steps are not easy but are necessary for your recovery: Decide: you need to decide to do something about your problem; Commit: you need to commit to carrying out the plan, and completing daily steps to make your life better; Perform: you need to follow through to accomplish these steps and goals. We’re here to enable you to get into action mode and ultimately perform every day at your best—and even better than before. 



Pittsburgh Performance Physical Therapy Services


PTs are the primary providers for any orthopedic pain or injury. We treat any body part and any problems with joints, muscles, or nerves that affect function of those in any age group from kids to older adults.


Performing Arts PT

Through her intuitive skill and focus on each patient, Dr. Wheeler is well known for helping performers, artists, athletes, and many others return to optimal function, and gain useful knowledge about caring for their bodies in the process. She considers herself to be one of the lucky ones to be combining passions in her career: she’s always had an affinity for the arts. Especially musicians, in her words “are a significantly underserved population in regard to career-specific medical services, including physical therapy.”

Post PT Services

Post PT program – For those who have exhausted insurance benefits, wish to continue to progress their exercise programs, or want to return for just stretching/massage session, PPPT offers post physical therapy services. These are out of pocket services (not covered by insurance) but may still qualify for health spending/flex accounts and include: personal training, massage and stretching sessions from 15-60 minutes.

Do I need to get a yearly check-up?

  • YES – You should be scheduling a yearly check up with your PT! If you have your own Primary Care Physician (PCP), you should also have your own Physical Therapist (PT). While a PCP is a general practitioner who assesses and diagnoses health problems related to a variety of body systems, PTs are the primary care providers for orthopedic pain & injury.

Pre/Post Surgery

Scheduled for surgery? You need PT before and after surgery! Did you know that typically with an injury or arthritis/inflammation, your joints and muscles and general motor patterns typically worsen leading up to the surgery, but the surgery doesn’t fix all of this. Having PT prior to surgery can get address these problems, decrease pain and also speed recovery post operatively.


I highly, highly recommend Dr. Wheeler. Last fall, I fractured my arm, luckily without displacement of the bone affected. The doctor recommended physical therapy. My wife had a good experience with Dr. Wheeler in the past, and after a very successful course of physical therapy, I confirm her positive recommendation.

Dr. Wheeler took careful measure of my arm motion, and by the end of the course of therapy the motion and strength had returned to my injured arm. I simply would not have known the proper exercises at the start, when common movement created pain. Dr. Wheeler was a very good teacher in guiding the initial and gradual increase in exercise. I believe that without Dr. Wheeler’s therapy, my recovery would have taken much longer and might still not be complete.

George B.

Dr. Wheeler is a great physical therapist. She began treating me for a lower back issue which successively resolved and also was able to identify why I was constantly getting injured on my left side while running. Her astute diagnosis has allowed me to get back to running and stay healthy. Dr. Wheeler is a great practitioner and a great listener. I highly recommend her.

Lisa H.

I’ve struggled with decades of tendinitis from playing the violin, and Dr. Wheeler’s understanding of performance-related injury and how to rebound from it has made a world of difference in my job performance. It is the specificity of her knowledge that sets her apart from other physical therapists, and I recommend her highly.
Susanne P.

Most personal and competent physical therapist I have even had. Thanks Elisabeth!
Linda K.

Dr. Wheeler has been so helpful with my neck and shoulder issues. She listens carefully and always customizes her treatment based on what we talk about. She also gives useful stretches and exercise so I can work on sore areas on my own time. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Aaron C.

Dr. Wheeler makes certain that healing begins there! She is a “ hands on” practitioner who encourages patients to get to a restorative state . She is dedicated to her patients and has a strong sense of professionalism!

Melanie T.

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