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Patient Resources

To expedite your first visit the new patient packet forms are available below to fill and print to bring with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Physical Therapy?
If you’re not sure if you need PT, call or schedule a free 15 minute consultation to find out!
Do I need a referral or script?

Typically, NO:

Physical Therapists hold a doctorate-level degree in their field and are the musculoskeletal experts in health care. Part of their expertise includes screening and recognizing when there are red flags in symptom presentation that warrant a referral to another healthcare professional.

There is a DIRECT ACCESS law which varies from state to state, but in PA, removes the requirement of a physician referral for access to physical therapists’ services for evaluation and treatment. This means that you as the patient, have direct access to your PT, which can save time and money. (There are a few exceptions/insurance companies who still require a script but just ask when you call, or schedule a free consult to discuss)

Do I have to exercise? (I don’t like to)
If there was one magic pill that fixed injuries and pain, everyone would be taking it. However, your arm and legs and other body parts move thanks to muscle contraction and many other complex mechanisms of the body/mind working together, so you can only fix problems properly by addressing these mechanisms. Although this may mean “exercise” it can also mean active movement geared to YOUR daily movements/goals. We understand — not everyone loves to exercise. Let your physical therapist know what specific movements or daily functions that you can’t perform well-and this is what they’ll focus on.

Many people in recent years have in some cases decided not to use insurance for services like PT due to high deductible plans, additional costs, frustration, or limited coverage. It is more important that they see the provider they know can help them. You have the option to use your insurance or pay out of pocket to get the care you need with the healthcare professional you want.

For those of you who will use insurance, Pittsburgh Performance PT is in network with most insurances and has out of network status with others so call in with your plan details to get information about your benefits/ coverage!

Out of Pocket Pricing:

PT evaluation: $125
PT visit (1 hr): $100
45 min session: $75
30 min session: $50
Telehealth (video) Visit: $80/hr, $60/45 min, $40/half hour. 

Rate reduction during Covid-19: $60/hr, $45/45 min, $30/half hour.

*Also note that most insurances are covering telehealth PT visits at this time

Non PT Health services: (including massage, stretching, or personal training sessions, not covered by insurance)
30 min. – $40; 45 min – $60; 1 hr– $80

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