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To expedite your first visit the new patient packet and patient agreement forms are available to fill and print to bring with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Physical Therapy?
If you’re not sure if you need PT, call or schedule a free 15 minute consultation to find out!
Do I need a referral or script?

Typically, NO:

Physical Therapists hold a doctorate-level degree in their field and are the musculoskeletal experts in health care. Part of their expertise includes screening and recognizing when there are red flags in symptom presentation that warrant a referral to another healthcare professional.

There is a DIRECT ACCESS law which varies from state to state, but in PA, removes the requirement of a physician referral for access to physical therapists’ services for evaluation and treatment. This means that you as the patient, have direct access to your PT, which can save time and money. (There are a few exceptions/insurance companies who still require a script but just ask when you call, or schedule a free consult to discuss)

Do you accept insurance?

YES-We are in-network with many of the main insurance companies, however, there are patients who prefer to pay out of pocket due to reasons including high deductibles, lack of out of network benefits, or preference to maintain seeing their long time provider & receiving quality care.

*Ask us about a discount if you have a plan that doesn’t provide out of network benefits.

How is your clinic different?

Our model of care includes direct one on one time the entire session with your therapist. A typical PT clinic may have you being seen along with 3-5 other patients with the PT’s time split giving you an average of 15 direct care minutes. More time with your PT means better care and a quicker recovery!

Physical Therapy vs Non Physical Therapy services- what is the difference?

If you are experiencing pain and are limited in your daily function, sleep, or activity a skilled physical therapy evaluation is just what you need. We provide a medical evaluation to determine what is contributing to your symptoms and a detailed recovery plan and treatment to get you on your way to reaching your goals! (insurance typically covers these medical services)

If you don’t have specific pain or an injury but wish to train, maintain your body or just feel better schedule for one or a package of our “Non-PT” Services! (insurance typically does not cover these services)



*This clinic accept cash, check, credit card & HSA cards.

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