Refer a Patient and get a $5 Coupon!

Refer a Patient and get a $5 Coupon!

We want people to refer to our business based solely on good treatment and a great experience, and many of you continue to refer friends, family, and even strangers, so we’ve added a referral program! We’d love to say THANK YOU!


ANYONE who refers someone for physical therapy and they attend, will have a $5 credit to spend on any therapy equipment or service we offer!

Bottom line: We want everyone to have a great PT experience when they need it and we love nothing more than to treat MORE PATIENTS LIKE YOU: dedicated, motivated, and committed to taking care of your body! Next time you hear someone complain of pain, send them over!

Exercise Equipment

We offer exercise and therapy equipment for purchase at the clinic for use at home! Click Here to browse our equipment!


We offer various out of pocket services including PT, massage, stretching, and personal training.