Performing Arts Physical Therapy

Performing Arts PT

Dr. Wheeler considers herself to be one of the lucky ones to be combining passions in her career: she’s always had an affinity for the arts. By working and listening to these individuals over the years she’s learned even more about the physical toll their profession places on the musculoskeletal system. There is much that can be done to help prevent problems and treat existing injuries. Through her intuitive skill and focus on each patient, Dr. Wheeler is well known for helping performers: ballet dancers, musicians, theater performers and other artists recover and gain important knowledge about caring for their bodies in the process. She believes that especially musicians are a significantly underserved population in regard to career-specific medical services, including physical therapy.
Particularly for performing artists and other athletes, optimal performance and a reduction of injury risk is essential! She encourages seeking PT early on: “if pain has come back multiple times, or doesn’t go away within 3-4 weeks it is time to schedule a PT session! There are many negative consequences of chronic pain or recurring issues when they aren’t addressed, some of which include the adoption of faulty movement patterns ( to avoid pain) or even the need to discontinue playing altogether. The sooner patients get treatment, the sooner they get better and typically need less medical treatment and number of visits.”

For those who perform specific movement patterns repetitively, it is imperative that you are also using and training in other movement patterns to avoid overuse strain injuries. Similarly, you should frequently be performing counter movements and stretches specifically related to your activity/instrument.


PT for musical: Waitress, Benedum, Pittsburgh, PA


PT for musical: Rotten Tomatoes, Benedum, Pittsburgh, PA

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